Diese Seite benötigt JavaScript. ViWiAN-Propagation


The simulation tool is a self-development for the Microsoft Windows operation system. The network simulator belongs to a number of software-components which are denoted with the acronym ‘Virtual Wireless Adhoc Networks (ViWiAN)’. All applications that belong to these tools are developed at the chair of Communication Technology/Radio Technology (College of Mittweida). The working title of the described prototype is ‘ViWiAN-Propagation’, which is developed with several programming languages and technologies.

The graphical user interface (GUI) has been realized with Visual C-Sharp (C#) and Visual C++. Both languages are using Microsoft`s .NET Framework, that allows a rapid implementation of a modern and highly interactive GUI. The native languages C/C++ are used to connect the high-level programming languages with the performance intensive tasks at a lower level. At this point it is important to know that the high-performance tasks are executed on the powerful graphic cards of the manufacture NVIDIA. The graphics processing unit (GPU) has the advantage to execute its code massively parallel, which means that there are hundreds up to thousand program steps running simultaneously.